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The primary syllable of Éowyn seems like "eh-oh", with the "oh" just hardly pronounced. As in the North Germanic languages or Finnish, the y in the second syllable is identical sound since the German letter ü or maybe the French u.

The shaft during the engine with cam lobes, utilized predominantly for working the intake and exhaust valves. It truly is driven by gears or by sprockets along with a toothed belt or chain from the crankshaft.

Whenever a gas tank is mounted along with the body in lieu of having the frame sunk in to the underside on the tank.

or Crash Bungs are conditions with the plastic ‘bungs’ you connect on the frame to guard the fairing and so on in the event of a ‘spill’ or crash.

This is an extremely substantial ring using a skull protect layout, an actual knuckleduster, you wouldn't wa...

See also Risers Created to suitable the ergonomic quick comings of your motorcycle, handlebar risers will raise your handlebars vertically to permit you to achieve the posture wanted for optimum Handle.

Shows info within a steady Discussion board, normally a dial; frequently regarded the other of digital gauges. Old style gauges.

The companion towards the ‘suicide clutch’, this was Yet another chopper convention, dispensing With all the prolonged shift rod along with the lever and gate about the still left aspect on the gas tank. Alternatively, a short, about four to six inch, lever was fitted directly to the top of the transmission and shifted through the rider right, by reaching below his left thigh.

2-piece outfit of protecting clothing, consisting of a jacket and trousers, often produced to enable the two items to become zipped with each other within the waist.

Her outlook on daily life also changed: "Then the center of Éowyn changed, or else at last she recognized it. ... I might be a shieldmaiden no more, nor vie with The good Riders, check here nor just take joy only within the songs of slaying. I are going to be a healer, and like all things which increase and so are not barren."[six]

Knucklehead one. A type of Harley-Davidson engine created before 1948, which was characterised by significant nuts on the correct facet of engine above the cylinders. Physical appearance is considerably just like knuckles.

A gearbox consists of many toothed wheels which have been related and disconnected to one another so as to swap into your supposed gear.

An astonishingly detailed stainless steel ring, which has a gothic type, embellished with fleur de lis an...

A lane adjacent for the observe utilized to enter and exit the race track circuit and exactly where upkeep can take put prior to and during apply periods plus the race party.

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